Strategic review of charging

NRW has launched a 12 week consultation seeking views on new charging proposals developed to fully recover the costs of the activities that we regulate and services we provide.

Our consultation sets out proposals to make changes to a number of charging schemes associated with applications for new and amended permits.

These include:

  • Industry Regulation
  • Site Based Waste
  • Water Quality
  • Water Resources and
  • Reservoir Compliance.

We are also proposing to introduce permitting charges for some of the Species Licence applications that we receive.

As part of our consultation, we are also proposing changes to some of our annual subsistence fees, which primarily cover the fees for compliance monitoring, to ensure future inflationary pressures are managed effectively.

Our reviews of regulatory fees and charges aim to ensure the right charges are applied in the right places and in a fair and appropriate manner, which will allow us to carry out our regulatory work while ensuring our guiding principles of Managing Welsh Public Money and the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources are maintained.

To ensure that all those affected by the review have their views heard, we have engaged with our Chargepayers’ Consultative Group (CCG), made up of representatives of various sectors which may be impacted by any potential changes to our charging structure.

Our 12 week public consultation will launch on Monday 10 October and close on 7 January 2022.

Find details on the proposal and share your views

The proposed charges will be introduced in April 2023, subject to consideration of relevant responses and approval by NRW and the Welsh Government.

If you have any questions, please email us at


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